HGH History – Human Growth Hormone

 hgh history

In the human growth hormone (HGH) history, you will find long before Ponce de Leon made an effort to find out the great fountain of youth, there was a search for the ways and means to achieve longevity and life extension techniques to stop or reverse the impact of ageing. Keith Kelly, MD, a research scientist in the year 1985, had devised injections of cells that can secrete growth hormones in old rats to grow large and healthy like young rats. There was a search for the ways and means to achieve longevity and life extension techniques to stop or reverse the impact of ageing. That year, Dr. Daniel Rudman had published his research report on human growth hormone and its effects on longevity and life extension with HGH in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Dr. Rudman had conducted the above study on volunteers aged between 61 to 81 at the Medical College of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He used synthetically manufactured HGH to imitate the body’s natural pituitary gland. The Doctor selected human growth hormones for replacement because he opined that human growth hormone after age 35 was declined due to increase in body fat and a decrease in lean muscle mass. Ultimately the so-called fountain of youth was found through his research result. After giving HGH injections for six months, the aging process could be reversed. The participants could be younger by 10 to 20 years whereas the controlled group who didn’t receive HGH. The normal aging process was very much there. Then Dr. Rudman concluded that- ” The overall deterioration of the body that comes with growing old is not inevitable.”

The revelations made by Dr. Rudman’s result took a giant leap in the field of longevity and life extension medicine. The doctor’s discovery facilitated and opened a new area for thousands of research on human growth hormone by the medical community of the world. The National Institute on Ageing having encouraged by the doctor’s HGH theory had initiated nine clinical experiments in 1992 that took five years for completion. The results had confirmed that the theory envisaged by Dr. Rudman was correct.

By the year 1996, the success of the experiments popularity skyrocketed, and he had over 800 HGH patients to get treatment on longevity and life extension therapy. His patients included movie stars, top corporate executives, doctors, engineers, specialists, and scholars. Dr. Rudman in his reports highlighted that he has got thousands of patients, and his therapy has worked successfully on all of them.

During the last ten years, more than thirty thousand case reports have come to the notice, and all of them have shown quite a positive result. Thanks to FDA, who has finally approved the usage of HGH in the treatment of medical cases of growth hormone deficiency since 1996. HGH is now considered to be one of the major hormones that promote the secretion of other hormones too.

Use of HGH for sale has since been popularised and to facilitate its use effectively further; an oral delivery system has been introduced. It is very useful because oral intake shortens the distance between the brain and the mouth. This facilitates HGH to pass through the mucous membrane down below the tongue direct into the blood vessels within a few seconds. This process enables HGH to move directly into the brain. After its absorption, HGH such as genotropin stimulates the functions of the pituitary gland to secrete HGH and other beneficial hormones.

Human growth hormone history speaks that it has got a successful track record since its inception. HGH still has to go a long way to reach the point when old age becomes a thing of future. however there is an increasing number of people who buy hgh online