Easy Steps to Remove Warts

Warts On Face? 4 Easy Steps To Remove Them

How can one ever really purge warts on face? Such is a very depressing condition especially if you are used to having a smooth, clear and flawless skin in the face. What is more, there are the risks of developing some scars or blisters in the face which can really be annoying. These warts are actually caused by a virus that can be passed on from one person to another. Make sure you stay healthy at all times so that you will not trap the virus responsible for such warts.

1. Avoid Contact
Stop using anything that a person afflicted with face warts owns. Never borrow towels or soap for warts can easily multiply and transfer from one individual to another. Be scared about having to deal with such skin dilemma not just for months; but for others, for years. If you notice your there are warts emerging in your face and they are painful and bothering you already, then immediately consult your doctor.

2. OTC or Over-the-Counter Medicines
There are countless of over-the-counter creams and solutions that are recommended for wart removal. Salicylic acid is just one of the most widely used all over the world and is in fact, very cheap. All you have to do is apply the solution using a cotton ball until the wart die down by drying up. Expect one to three weeks waiting time before the warts will totally be purged because extinction will depend on how large or small your warts on face are.

3. Tea Tree Oil
This essential oil has been proven effectively in wart removal. After simply applying the oil using a cotton ball on the affected areas, or perhaps dropping a trickle of the tea tree extract, you will notice warts on face gone in a few days only. The same goes for the grape seed extracts which you need to drop once or twice on your warts for more than a few days. The thing about using these natural remedies is that they will usually take longer; but then, the point is you are using natural remedies sans all the adverse reactions and irritations.

4. Home Quick-Fix Remedies

• Garlic is a favourite home remedy for best wart removal. All you will need to do is crush a clove and apply straight to the infected area in your face. Leave it there for some time until you feel the burning sensation goes away. You will know that the garlic is working on the bacteria when the pain is there. Cover with a plaster and wait for the wart to dry up and fall on its own after a few days of waiting.

• Banana is another home remedy that can eliminate your face warts. Simply get a banana peel and rub it on your warts. Or better yet, cut banana peel into a small cube to cover the wart overnight by putting tape in it.

• Apple Vinegar
Last but not least, apple vinegar has been confirmed helpful in removal of warts especially on the face. Simply soak your cotton ball into the solution and likewise tape overnight covering the wart. You will be surprised how such simple management of your warts can make them go away in no time at all!